Another Day, Another Amen.

Dear everyone,

Please send all healthy vibes this way. The spirits of a mere Canadian foreigner in the mother land are dwindling slowly. Keeping with the theme of honesty on this blog, I will admit to looking up if I can afford flights home, simply out of curiosity. And yes, I can afford one direct flight. And no, I’m not going home. Not yet anyways. I feel like Yaounde still has a story to tell and I can’t fully enjoy it until I am, myself, physically able to do so. Even though the will to give up is lingering in my mind, I am starting to settle in here. It’s starting to feel a little more familiar every day. Hopefully, now that I am feeling better (and it stays this way), I can also make my classroom my own and decorate it; I can get down to business with my students and implement real objectives and goals to see progress and improvement.

Speaking of students, I have one in particular here who has no IEP and no formal diagnosis. If he were a speechie it’d be simple. But of course, he is allllllll language. I have been working with the Learning Support teacher to try and pinpoint where this kiddo needs help. It’s hard because his first language is French. So, that leaves the question, does he have a language disorder or a language difference? A language disorder would mean he needs my help. A language difference would send him to ELL/ESL (English language learner). The quest continues and our search has yet to find a definitive answer. I am finding my job as an intern here more challenging than expected. Besides just being ill all the time, I have felt a little overwhlemed with the direction to take in terms of therapy. I don’t have classmates or professors/experts in the profession to turn to for advice and guidance. I have a giant blue textbook I thankfully brought with me. I am finding my way none the less, and I am expecting to learn a lot through trial and error until I find a steady direction for each client.

At the end of my days, coming home after school results in sitting in the living room on my computer planning for the next day, or browsing social media. The days are so long (leave the apartments around 6:40 am and return around 5 pm) and I am just pooped. As I get more energy this trend will hopefully diminish and my life will consist of less screen time. Until then I will continue to solve little mysteries such as: why is there always a dozen cars parked in the empty lot next to the apartments and why can I occasionally hear church hymns in the distance? Well my brilliant friends, put two and two together and you get late church sessions at the church up the road. Here’s a poor quality tidbit of this conclusion from my prison balcony, aka the bars that keep us safe (Amen).

Well, after food poisoning, typhoid fever, and a fungus in my gut, heavy antibiotics and antifungal meds, here I am! Still in Yaounde. Living large on boiled food, chocolate, and more baked goods than I have consumed in the past five years – Cause it’s one of my safer options until I muster some motivation to learn how to use the gas oven. Call it lazy, I call it… I’m actually not sure what to call it. Let’s say nervous-newbie-with-little-knowledge-and-big-fear-of-foreign-kitchen-baking-box.

From the heart,


PS – This post was written a few days ago. It took a lot of brain power and slow internet to figure out how to get this little video up. So ENJOY IT. Today’s update: Taught middle school Phys. Ed in a torrential downpour for an hour. I’m not kidding when I say the raindrops were so big and heavy at times, they felt like hail. The kids LOVED all of it. Me, well I’m just glad I wasn’t wearing a white shirt.


3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Amen.

  1. Whitney Parchman says:

    Dear Chloe,
    So glad you have your sense of humor intact (and that you weren’t wearing a white shirt!). The thing I will share with you what I have learned regarding teaching (I know you weren’t asking for advice but HA! here it is): The children love you and just want to spend time with you. They learn things from you even when you think you aren’t teaching. Get to know them first and everything else will fall into place. Give yourself permission to enjoy your time with them and make sure you get some rest. Don’t worry about the curriculum yet. (Don’t tell your boss I said that about the curriculum. Is she following this blog?) About once a month I ask myself, “What the heck am I doing?! Seriously, what am I doing?!” The next day is always better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Anything in life worth doing is a little nerve-wracking. xo Auntie Whitney

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