Stop, Drop, Roll and Dance.

This week was a LONNGG and draining week. So, quoting my mother from earlier today, TGIF. I was looking for inspiration on the world wide fancy web and came across some beauties worth sharing. Here’s some tidbits to start off your weekend right.

You know when you experience a person and you think, man, I just want that person in my life? I want to be that person’s best friend? Here is my fantasy BFF for the week. 

What I’ve been drooling over: This beautiful food that you should make back in a developed country where it is possible. This site is one of my newer favs. Everything is way too good to be true.

For all my cat lovers out there, holla! (Paging Uncle Ryan and Auntie Rhonda)

That is my quick Friday post. Happy Weekend-ing mes amis!

PS – Those church hymns I was talking about last post: it was not church. It was a FIVE DAY funeral. Last night they sang and played the drums throughout the night and were leaving the house as we were leaving for school at 6:30 am. And that, is a hard core and beautiful way to celebrate life.

All my heart,



2 thoughts on “Stop, Drop, Roll and Dance.

  1. Ryan Parchman says:

    I guess our Jerry cat has been wandering around the house building up our immunity with his ‘sitting’ where he wants. Too bad your Lily is unable to jump up on anything. Otherwise you might not be in this situation. Take care, be strong, and maybe try some bacon for strength!


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