Yaounde in a Quick Meander

I know I have been depriving you all of visual stimuli on this blog. Mostly because I have spent a lot of time in my bed. I didn’t think daily pictures of my feet or the ceiling would be very exciting and honestly, my toes are “unique”, and long, and well, monkey-esque. Maybe some day I will share my toes with the world.. maybe not.
I am feeling a tad better (thanks for asking); still having random sickness episodes, but I am still alive and walking with an appetite. And that’s ok for now. I’ll take that. Anyways, here are some snaps in and around town to make up for the absence.

First off, a small video of a stretch on my way to school. Keep in mind this is one of the nicer streets in Yaounde. They always sell random animals and “stuff” along this street (puppies, parrots, kiddie pools, rainbow dyed wheat – you know, the usual things everyone looks to buy thru their window on the way home from work). You can see a soccer field in behind the trees. It is completely dirt. The teams are playing when we go to school and when we return. They run along the roads in their uniforms and I have seen them push a stuck car out of a hole. Such team-spirit. Also note the herds of goats in the video. Goats have been out ALL over Yaounde this last week. It was the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha on Thursday so I was totally OK with leaving town for this day. Apparently I didn’t leave town soon enough though, as I saw a little preteen boy carrying a limp baby goat with blood running down its neck the day before leaving town.

Here are a few pictures of in and around Yaounde.

One goat, two goat, three goat... goats.
One goat, two goat, three goat… goats.
Someone had some major craft skills on the booth to the left.
Someone had some major craft skills on the booth to the left.


Need a
Need a “new” mattress?


I hope this fed your appetite for pictures (despite the quality of an iPhone from the window of a moving vehicle). I will be posting another blog entry about my trip to Kribi soon. Stay tuned fellow humans.

All my heart,



2 thoughts on “Yaounde in a Quick Meander

  1. Whitney Parchman says:

    Hi Chloe! Enjoyed your pics. I have a new appreciation for all of the mattress stores that seem to be popping up around our neighborhood now. I am looking forward to your post about Kribi. Evan says, “Hi.”
    xo Auntie Whitney


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