Blank Space

No, this isn’t a post about Taylor Swift.

Apologies if you were expecting T-Swift to sing about my love life. Anyways, we aren’t here to gossip about my current bland interest in romance (or are we?!). I’m here to follow up on my last post, which concerned many of you. I really did not want or intend to draw so much attention. So thank you, genuinely, to everyone, for sending your positive vibes this way. Your love was well received.

I really wanted to post post-previous post (pretend this makes sense) something positive to ease your minds. I can not give you this. I wish I could. If you must know, I feel like a blurred, numb, and blank space. I am acquiring the skills of contorting emotions to social expectations. I do not want to daunt you further, but I also do not want you to worry. I made myself the promise of staying here until Christmas – so, I am here until Christmas and I am surviving on that commitment to myself.

Au lieu des mots, let me leave you with these stunning self portraits by Noell Oszvald (if you understand the irony here, bravo) – the deepest connection I’ve felt all week (second to talking with my mama). So again, thank you for all notions of kindness and comfort. I am breathing, sleeping, walking, eating. I hope these portraits will suffice for my lack of self expression.

Noell2 Noell3 Noell4 Noell5

All my heart,



One thought on “Blank Space

  1. Kenny says:

    I wish I could be there to squeeze the sad bugs straight out of you. I’d take them on myself if I could, I really would. I’ll be here waiting the second you decide to come home to me. I love you and miss you more than ever, sis. Sending all the love in my heart. Xoxoxo

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