The Little Things

Ok people. Upon the request of my mother and my will to ease your worries: three things that jump started my soul this week:

1) Tutoring my little buddy Jinwoo. I go over to his house once or twice a week to help him learn English aka play games with him for an hour. He surprises me with his brains every time. Once he was the bank for Monopoly and needed no help and made no mistakes. He speaks Korean at home, French at school, and English with me. Last week he had trouble saying goodbye and wanted me to stay so we could play games FOREVER. He told his parents if they wanted him to learn English properly, I needed to come every single day and stay longer. He’s five years old you guys! I wasn’t that manipulative until at LEAST eight years old. But seriously, what is more uplifting than the feeling of being wanted and loved? Jinwoo feeds my soul and spirits and I am so grateful to have him as a friend.

2) One of the potential ADHD boys in my middle school Phys Ed class, who is a big pain in my butthole but equally hilarious and passionate in every opinion he expresses, boxed me in the vagina in a face off during floor hockey. His face at the realization of the event = juicy material for any genre of comedy. I was holding my breath to keep from bursting out in laughter, as was the rest of the class who witnessed the tragic act of oops. Let it be known the laugh was hesitant, one of “this is hilarious but I don’t know if Miss Froehlich is going to make us all run laps if we lol and I don’t know what to do about my inability to show self control”.

Kids still say ‘lol’ right?

3) The story from a fellow colleague who is still running in the morning with the local (Felix) we hired for safety and guidance. I quit running with the group upon falling ill and I am waiting to build back some strength before joining them again. I will retell the story in the form of dialogue.

Felix: “What is your favourite meat?” *A great conversation starter for sure. What’s your favourite kind of meat?

Colleague: “Um, well Felix, I think mine is pork. What about yourself?”

Felix: “Oh I do not enjoy pork much. My favourite is cat.”

… Monkey, bat, or bush rat would have been a more reasonable answer. I have come to terms with bush meat being a norm here. Cat is… a new one. So thank you, Felix, for the insight, dark humour (intended or not), and nightmares.

Since my big picture has been so distorted lately, the little things have built me a small raft. I’ve been reliant on the light of others to see my own. When someone offers their energy, I plug in. When someone shares their colours, I paint with them. I’ve been trying to anyways – not always keeping myself afloat, but also not continuing to sink further. I wish there was a bigger word for thank you. Everyone has been so kind and understanding. I love you all so much.

All my heart,


PS – A few pics from these past weeks.

Dumpling party the roomie threw last weekend.
My little friends in the mango tree – They are my puppies with wings.

6 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Whitney Parchman says:

    Kids say and do the most hilarious things, right?! Nothing like getting boxed in the “Flower” for some comic relief, eh? And as for the cat meat… I got nuthin’. I have to run. Evan is begging your Nana to go bike riding with him. I have to supervise. 😉 xo Auntie Whitney
    P.S. Is it bad to bring box wine to a 9-year-old’s birthday party?


    1. Chlo says:

      haha! Re: the boxed wine – no not at all; in fact I find it a smart necessity.
      Sending the happiest birthday wishes to Evan! So glad Nana could be there to celebrate with you guys.
      Love you xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kenny says:

    Haha this made me “lol”, (I heard Sharon, the 60 year old ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ nurse say it yesterday so it must still be kickin around).

    Ps. Jinwoo is my spirit animal ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachel Krauss says:

    I love the bats!!!! So adorable!! Along with kudos to you for holding in the laughter after being boxed hahaha! I know if I would have been in your shoes I would not be able to do the same!! To make you feel better I have my second cog exam tomorrow and I have just began to acknowledge/study for, yay for procrastination!!
    Love you Chlo!! ❤


    1. Chlo says:

      Thanks for the smiles Rach 🙂 The BEST of luck on your cog exam. I hear she is much more lenient than four years ago (holy that was a long time ago!) when I took it – so you have that going for ya. Next time you are out for coffee enjoy a pumkin-flavoured-something for me 🙂 Love you too missy xo


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