Recognize, Accept, Breathe, Carry On

I often wonder what the **** I am doing.

A few months ago I had a skill some refer to as “optimism”. Life would happen and I could muster a smile. Good, bad, frustrating, lost, unbelievable… I convinced myself to smile. Soon it was no longer forced; I had become quite the pro. A clear and fresh head space – smiles came easily. This was built after many internal tug-of-wars and “self discoveries”. I had trained myself to see that sliver of light far out of reach (mind tricks really).

Who knew such a physical displacement in this world would revamp the entire psyche.

Stay, leave, wonder, run home –
Africa is now embedded in my heart. I can not and would not trade it for the possibility of never walking into this abyss.

I still wonder what the **** I am doing.
I recognize it – I accept it – I breathe – and smile. It’s your journey. Watch the sun go down tonight before you set your morning alarm. Be Present. Be here with me. 

All my heart,



2 thoughts on “Recognize, Accept, Breathe, Carry On

  1. Whitney Parchman says:

    Hi Chloe. You were right! Boxed wine was the perfect thing to bring to a 9-year-old’s birthday party. Your uncle is reading over my shoulder so I’ll have to save the juicy stuff for another post. We are thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. xo

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