Why did the Sheep Cross the Road?

Sometimes the truth is so easy, so blatantly obvious, we have to complicate it. Why? ‘Why’ is the never answered inquiry. Why can’t we accept? Why can’t we move forward? Why do we create difficulty and stress when the solution is clear? Why do we fight the obvious? Why do we have two nostrils and two lungs but only one trachea?

Emotions, morals, dreams, attachments, and fears. When these clutter our mind excessively, it throws us off kilter. It knocks us off balance. It spins us until we are no longer sure of the previously obvious solution. The solution becomes out of focus. Blurry. Nauseating even. It is no longer right in front of us. It is zoned out down a long narrow hallway obstructed by road blocks of anxiety, fear, right and wrong, the future, comforts, the unknown… To name a few.

I’ve spent my life doing what others thought was right. Living their truth. Be the polite, agreeable sheep and keep the peace. Sometimes following your own truth is worth the breach in that peace. You have a truth. Your cat has a truth. The know-it-all has a truth. You. have. a. truth. It is your truth. It is a one and only truth.  Find it, listen to it, and hold it close. Don’t let it get out of focus. Sure, you can weigh the opinions of others, but don’t let them spin you around. Don’t be the sheep.

I’m not sure why you have two nostrils, two lungs and only one trachea, but I know they will help you breathe. So push the road blocks aside, and do just that. Stop driving yourself into madness with ‘why’ and cross the road if it means getting to the other side.

All my heart,



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