Europe 2015/16 – part I

Hello from France!

I really intended to blog during this break but well, that didn’t happen. Until now! With fourteen days passed and five days remaining. I will give you a brief update of our ventures thus far.

We started in Munich. The fam’s flight was cancelled so I had an entire hotel suite to myself for the first night which was alright with me! I think Munich has been my favourite so far. Lots of markets, running trails, and delicious food. Not to mention the veggie options considering the German diet of meat, sausage, pig knuckles, and birds.

After a few days we moved on to See, Austria for Christmas. A cute little ski town an hour away from Seefeld. To our dismay, there is a huge lack of snow in the Alps this year. It’s quite sad and disappointing. We’ve had mostly rain since the temperatures are higher than normal. Which really is better because See had many lovely hiking trails.. And I’d rather hike through country than ski (it helps that hiking is free too!)

 From here we drove through the end of Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and into Lake Como, Italy. Lake Como was a grey dream. Since it is winter but no snow has stuck to the ground and trees, everything is quite brown and dull. Even though I’m sure it is magical in the summer I have found a soft comfort and infatuation with the dullness of the valley.

We were lucky enough to find a small gem in Lake Como. We rode the gondola up to a small town (Pigra) above the one we were staying. Here we sat for lunch and enjoyed house wine and delish appys. THEN the small jolly owner came out and played his accordion for us as we looked out over the lake. He was a hoot and I will forever hold that memory of us four close to my heart.

This post is getting long and big with all the pictures so I am going to leave you here for now. Know that we are enjoying our time together rain or shine. I could really be anywhere in the world as long as it’s with these crazies. I will return with our time in Switzerland, my visit with Megs, and New Years in France. We are off to the city of love tomorrow for our last stretch. I’m really going to miss all these tall slim trees and bright green moss.

All my heart,



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