In and Out of Granada

Hola chicas y chicos! You can expect mostly pictures in this post. Jobey and I are planning on putting a blog together, thus why I haven’t done much here. I will share some of my favourite pictures from the last few weeks, but keep an eye open for the new blog coming soon!

Upon arrival, I was still in hermit mode, taking my time to get up in the mornings and spending a lot of time entranced by the glow of a screen in bedtime darkness. Thankfully things have changed (ok… besides the getting out of bed part) and I am exploring the city and going for runs down by the river without Jobey as a spanish-speaking-security-blanket. I think this would have happened sooner if I were here for a shorter time. Knowing I am here until May-ish has made productivity and time a smaller priority.

Our first mini trip was a bus ride down to the UK. Yes, I said down to the UK, to a little place called Gibraltar on the tip of southern Spain. Where they (obviously and to our dismay) use pounds as currency and monkeys rule the land.


Although we pre-packed a sandwich and lunch, we mutually agreed WHEN IN ROME! Translating to: when in a colony of the United Kingdom, one must have fish and chips. Under all the excitement and trying to make a choice on which restaurant to go to (we both have decision making issues), we completely missed the currency sign of POUNDS not EUROS… We will not make this mistake again.


Having spent so much time on failed dining and decision making, we were running out of minutes to hike the hill where all the main attractions awaited us. We eventually decided to succumb to the easier and more expensive option: the tour van. I will leave you here with more pictures than words, promising you more info and tips upon the creation of Jobey and Chloe’s blog – Travelling for Dummies 101. Just kidding (kind of). We actually can’t decide on a name, which is the main reason it doesn’t exist yet. #decisionmakingissues


Such drama queens.

Little poop-eater checking out my Saint Christopher medallion. Luckily, his hands weren’t fast enough. Not so lucky for the man with a red baseball cap.


(When you try to take a panorama, but the lights keep switching colours.)

That concludes our UK tour. Back in Granada we spent/spend our nights finding free food, which happens to only occur with the purchase of a beer (side note: size of beer is not regulated). Our favourite Granada past time. Sometimes Jobey is loud enough to attract positive attention. 😉

Our next adventure was our best yet. Jobey’s friend from Germany, the sweet Sophie, came to visit for a weekend. We took a bus to an outside town and hiked back to Granada through the Sierra Nevada, went for more tapas, and finally visited La Alhambra.


If you need me, I’ll be busy eating all the gelato and planning our next two weeks of travel. Jobey will be writing her thesis with great displeasure.
…And we will both come up with yet more sideways titles for the blog.

All my heart,



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