Where I Find You

I don’t know what you guys do when you can’t sleep, but I turn straight to pen and paper. Since the pen has been on the steady these days, I managed to muster the courage to share a small something-something.
The more time passes, the more I think about my Papa, especially with big things happening lately. He had a unique perspective on life I always admired. It’s no doubt we all miss him and think of him often, but he has been a constant in my mind for months now. The following is a condensed of the original. It’s about the transition of missing someone/something and constantly searching to fill the void, to absorbing the energy and finding peace in the lost.

Where I Find You

There will never be another you.
I can search the classifieds,
I can fly to Tim-buck-two,
Over mountains and below the tide,
But there will never be another you.

I’d be lying to say I didn’t miss you,
And days without you are far and few –
You are the dandelion breaking the concrete,
The gentle humming bird keeping a positive beat,
And the lady bugs buzzing amongst the summer heat.

I know you’re gone,
But I’ll still dream of meeting you at dawn,
To see the light rise above the horizon,
The first few hours of the sun.

Resting my eyes and not feeling so alone,
I imagine you watching the same light cross the line.
Your presence now deep in my bones,
Your eyes in mine.

I could search the classifieds,
Over the mountains and below the tide.
But I’ll stay with you here on this horizon line,
Your eyes in mine.

I will always meet you at sunrise.

Forever love,
Your ‘Sweets’


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