Two Positives to Your Negative

Some days it’s easy to find little moments to smile about: a father reciting stories of dragons and wizards to his two little girls on the bus, engaging in a small dance with someone on the street before finding each of your sides to pass, a good hair day. 

Other days all your attention is sucked into pigeons shitting on your head, stubbing your toe on your way out the door in a rush, or that one car who is clearly going under the speed limit in the fast lane. On these days, when I imagine scribbled pencil lines of frustration and exclamation marks above our heads, I challenge you to try and change your energy. WAIT! Don’t run away! This is serious witchcraft. Not just your average hippie “love yourself and be loved” jumble… Ok, who am I kidding. It is hippie jumble mumble. But, I think it’s important enough that I am writing to you about it. So, please stay! What we give is what we receive. What we are is what we attract. On days when I’m frustrated with myself or some external source, I find I really do bring the mishaps upon myself. I’m stubbing my toes, knocking over water glasses, dropping computers (on accident by all means, I’m not that dramatic, people). In these situations, I have made a small ritual with myself. First I stop myself and literally tell myself something along the lines of: “calm the f*ck down, you’re only kinda sorta almost a mad woman. Ok, who are you joking, you are a mad woman. Now calm the f*ck down”, which usually gets a smirk (yes I find myself humorous). Then, with my ten fingers cradling my skull and my eyes drawn dark by the pressure of my palms, I take five deep breathes, stand up straight, and tell myself “OK. here we go.”, and I continue my day with two compliments to each negative thought. 

Two compliments to each negative. I forget where and when I picked up this little practice, but I promise you it will change your brain. For every negative thought about a person, yourself, a situation, anything. For every negative thought you catch, rebuttal it with two positives about the same thing. Here, for example, a big one for me the last few days has been laying in bed recovering from pneumonia and just really wanting to get up and MOVE. I want to run and feel the pavement under my shoes match the exhale from my lungs. I want to walk to school and feel the sun rays on my skin. I just want to take a walk to the corner dep. without complete exhaustion. I’ve been beating myself up about not going to the doctor sooner, not taking more preventative measures to not get so sick (knowing my body is still recovering from the last big misfortune), and just being plain out sad that I can’t do something active. To be honest, I forgot about my own advice of two positives to each negative over the past week. It is so easy to get caught up in a web of doubts and dismays. There are SO many gratitudes and positives in the thick of what we bury ourselves in. For me, for starters, my incredible roomies who have been at my side since I collapsed Monday morning, slowing down and dealing with some emotional queries I’ve kept tucked away for a while, the invention of antibiotics, the inventions of probiotics to counter the dirty side effects of antibiotics, realizing just how hairy my legs actually are, and skipping out on a boring week of class (I mean, I love midsemester classes….). In all seriousness, school is cool kids, and pneumonia isn’t all that bad in 2017. I will move again, but for now I rest and counter each negative with two positives. 

I just wanted to share my little secret to seeing the good, my friends. Use it for your woes (find gratitude), your insults (create compliments), and sour days in general (choose to be sweet). What we give is what we receive, and what we are is what we attract. It’s easy living on days we don’t have to think about smiling, and it can be easier on the other days too. The nice thing is you get to choose your perspective…
And other hippie witchcraft stuff, etc.

All my heart,



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