Caught in the Mundane

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we don’t have.
What went wrong.
What others think.
What others do.

Today, find the courage to smile back.
At your mistakes.
At others.
At the days ahead or past.

Remember to smile at the outmost mundane in your day:
the air that fills your lungs,
The feet that carry you to where you need to be,
And when you’re ready,
At the reflection in the mirror we tend to disregard so often.


‘Happiness’ is created by your perception.
It can be as complicated as trying to unravel what went wrong, or what others think and do.
It can also be as straightforward as
looking yourself in the eye, and smiling back with intention.
Mean it. Own it. Give yourself the okay to be vulnerable.
 Be honest with yourself.
When we find acceptance for what is, and content in the mundane, we see in a new light.

Get caught up in the light.


All my heart,



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