Bienvenue mes amis!

This here is a space I have created in means of sharing my life adventures with loved ones (that’s you, far and near), shedding a crack of light through my own epiphanies, and other life adventures that may pop up.
If anyone were to read my journal, they would most likely find 80% of it being short stories, poems of sorts, and the words of other people I found a connection with. Don’t be surprised if this appears in the blog here and there. I am by no means a Buddha, but sometimes pizza and I have a late night of romance and in that case, yes you may rub my bloated belly for luck (no guarantees on satisfaction I may add). Other things you may need to know about me before diving into this log of daily thoughts and perspectives:

a) I, by no measures, intend to offend any being of any form or size. I apologize in advance if our views and beliefs differ.
b) I tend to express myself better through the written form of communication – so apologies if I have not been in touch personally or given as much information on our phone call – I do indeed enjoy my hermit shell and revel there often.
c) I am an outspoken feminist and pescatarian and will be quite open with these posts #everybodypoops
d) I write cheesy jokes that don’t make sense sometimes (see above words on pizza) – Just trying to keep you all on your toes, you know?
e) You can find the way to my heart with some damn good ice cream and a catchy tune.

The original plan for this site was to share my experience working abroad with those interested at home, but I have recently decided to make it a little more personal and hopefully share my mistakes and revelations throughout the next few years. I am currently breathing and moving in and around Montreal, Quebec.

All my heart,


3 thoughts on “Thee Pre/de-brief to this site, and potentially life itself.

  1. Carole Parchman says:

    Hey Chlo so excited to get your message. And to read your blog. Heard about your bug hopefully gone never to return!!
    Had a great time in WF. You were missed. Summer lingers on thankfully. Enjoying garden stuff,,especially the tomatoes. But am rambling. Love you!! So hope all is going well. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. innesmegan22 says:

    chlo! so excited you are blogging your adventures 🙂 will make it so much easier to keep in touch! You can also follow mine via if you like! xoxo


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